Advanced Handgun

Course Brief

This 4 Hour class teaches you the skills that everyone planning to carry a handgun for self-defense should learn. With a maximum of ten students, you will receive a personalized firearm training experience. This is not a target shooting course, it’s learning to use your handgun in a realistic way to protect you and your loved ones. The course will also cover drawing and shooting in a concealed carry situation. This is designed for current Florida Concealed Carry License holders who would like to improve their handgun skills for real world situations.

Course Level: Intermediate
Cost: $150
Length: 4 Hours

Skills that will be Learned and Topics Discussed in this Class

  • Understanding Types of Defensive Ammunition
  • Situational Awareness & Tactical Planning
  • Fighting Mindset
  • Concealment Holsters / Carry Options
  • Understanding Physical and Psychological Reactions to Lethal Force Confrontations
  • Understanding Sight Alignment during Rapid Fire
  • Correct Drawing Techniques
  • Drawing from Concealed Carry
  • Combative Shooting Positions
  • Introduction to Combative Shooting Techniques
  • Moving Off the “X”
  • Reloading and Malfunction Drills under Stress

Skills and Requirements Needed Coming Into this Class

  • Must be comfortable with chosen firearm while shooting in a traditional static range environment
  • Must be familiar with basic manipulation and use of chosen firearm
  • Must have concealed weapons permit or have completed criminal background check

Prerequisite Courses which will Help You Obtain the Above Skills but are Not Mandatory

  • Basic Handgun Class Completion

Equipment List

  • Your Chosen Handgun for Concealed Carry
  • A Standard Strong Side Carry Holster for your Chosen Handgun.
  • No cross draw or shoulder holsters.
  • Minimum of 3 Pistol Magazines
  • Full-wrap Eye and Ear Protection
  • Sturdy Gun Belt and Pants with Belt Loops
  • 200 Rounds Ammunition
  • Clothing you would wear while carrying your firearm (no open toe shoes, no v-neck or tank-top shirts)
  • A Cover Garment such as a Lightweight Button-up Shirt
  • Pen and paper and felt tip pen

Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 5:1
Maximum Number of Students: 10

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Full payment will be due to the instructor at the start of class, cash or credit. A credit card is required to guarantee your reservation. This card will not be charged unless you no show or cancel with less than 24 hours notice. The late cancel fee for this class is $75.